All that st*** you don’t think about when you consider an ecommerce system

Is ecommerce really as simple as having a webstore? Well, depending on your needs, it can be. But not often. Done properly, there are key aspects of integrated ecommerce that are often not thought about during the consideration phase of the buyer. We see it all the time.

So I’ve just had a customer ring me and they’ve said “look, we don’t want anything complicated, all we want is a webstore where people can go online, buy our products, pay via credit card, and the order ends up in our WMS or inside our ERP”. It’s the stuff they’re not thinking about and that their customers aren’t thinking about, is where you get stuck. So, you can set up a store like that, but then all of a sudden, you need to put an item on special which means you need to have two prices and there’ll be no ability to do that. A customer will come along and say, ok we’ve got a basic webstore but now we need to charge for shipping. And the normal response is “well in our accounting system we know what the shipping is going to be so we’ll just charge them that”. The problem is with the process of ecommerce, is the order goes through, add to cart, calculating shipping, payment and then it goes into the accounting system. So you don’t actually know how much the shipping is going to be until after the customer’s paid for it. It’s all the things you don’t think about that makes ecommerce more challenging than people realise.