Insights Update – Foreign Nationals Function

Through a fortunate meeting with Erik Kass, Director of Product Management I was invited to a function for non-Americans (they have groups for everything now-days). There were Kiwis, Aussies, Canadians and South Africans, the latter of whom were my gracious hosts at Insights in February. This gave me a chance to get another photo with Jeremy Waterman, M.D. of Softline Accpac, South Africa –  as my last one ‘got lost in the Matrix’.

On our way to a  hotel bar afterwards Jeremy made the comment “I was hoping we had lost you at the lift Brooke, but I see that you have found your way back”.

I of course took this to mean “Please continue to grace us with your presence and delight us with your continuing witty banter”. Amazing what Tequila can do to your perception.

Accpac e-commerce, XM Oxygen