Nashville – 2009 SAGE Insights update

Well, after a 25 hour trip here and Awie (one of the two travel companions I am very fortunate to have) having his luggage sent to Chicago we have made it and it has not been disappointing. My first time in the statesĀ  the Gaylord Opryland has lived up to my expectations of excess. This Hotel is 46 acres of covered area, 9 acres of which are internal gardens atrium’s. It has a 3 story waterfall in the lobby and its own river that – in true Disney style – you can pay to take a boat ride. I have also wandered across to the mall and found myself in a restaurant that is like Kelly Tarltons, Played a guitar in the store where they make Gibson’s, and experienced playing with guns – lots of guns – that are in between the wakeboarding gear and fly-fishing rods. Which is a bit weird. Oh and they have a pool with live stingrays in the middle of the mall. Even weirder but cool. The delegates are starting to pour in now, 5000 expected and I have already made meet some great people interested in the product. I will keep you posted…

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