Infographic – How to decide XM Symphony is right for you

So you’ve decided that you need ecommerce, and you’re making good progress in identifying with your Sage reseller all the possible options in the Sage marketplace for integrated ecommerce with your Sage ERP solution. Now time for some research in order to get yourself a shortlist perhaps of the Top 3. If you’re reading this, and this sounds like you, then hopefully you or others in your business have put us in the consideration list. Awesome. And thanks. To help you with your shortlist criteria, we’ve put together a consideration list of our own. Obviously completely and utterly impartial and objective – and in the form of an infographic just to change things up a bit from the typical list of bullet-points you’ve probably been reading on each vendor’s website. Bearing in mind that the info below is high-level, we’re happy to chat through any aspect of our proof-points in more detail in person, online or on the phone. What we can vouch for though, right here and now, is that there are approximately over 150 sites around the globe right now who are using our integrated ecommerce solutions with their Accpac or X3 systems processing over $100,000,000 million in orders annually. So yeah, fair to say, our customers are generating some solid revenue across the board.