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Reduce costs, boost productivity with integrated accounting and financial management.

Sage X3 provides the flexibility to manage the most complex finance and accounting requirements. Ensuring compliance, while providing the financial reporting tools gain valuable insight into your business. The Sage X3 accounting and financial features offer an end-to-end financial management solution. Major functional areas include; General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Budgets, Fixed Assets, Commitments, Cash and Bank Management and Cost Accounting and Dimensions.

Sage X3 Accounting and Finance allows your business to:

  • Make confident business decisions centered on accurate, comprehensive financial data
  • Manage global accounting operations, while addressing country-specific localization requirements
  • Streamline business processes including quotes to cash, collections and closes
  • Proactively manage risks and compliance; improve transparency, create visibility and accountability

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Equip your front and back office with the ability to easily manage all aspects of sales workflow.

Sage X3 enables your business to track all sales information related to customers or prospects, manage your sales team assignments, and monitor corresponding targets and commissions. Additionally, the sales capabilities of Sage X3 provide a quick view of information such as products, price lists, discounts, or carriers, among others. Sage X3 equips your business to handle customer quotations, book orders and transmit order acknowledgements, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods prior to invoicing. Adding XM Symphony allows you to extend the order process to the web. Giving you the ability to add B2B and B2C eCommerce stores, customer portals, mobile eCommerce, Sales Rep portals and more. Sales Management is a portion of the distribution functionality within Sage X3, which also includes Purchasing Management, and Inventory and Warehouse Management.

The key features of Sage X3 Sales Management include:

  • Real-time bidirectional integration with XM Symphony
  • Quotes and Contracts
  • Order Entry
  • Invoicing Reminders
  • Pricing & Discounts
  • Inventory Inquiry & Allocations
  • Delivery & Shipping
  • Track Sales Commissions
  • Manage Loans
  • Customer Returns
  • Customer Credit Check
  • Inter-Company and Inter-site Sales Transactions

pdf Download Sales (Distribution) Spec Sheet

 Manage efficiencies throughout your supply chain, from forecasting to shop floor to completion and delivery.

Sage X3 purchasing management capabilities encompasses the supply chain process from end-to-end, comprising of purchase planning, ordering, delivery, scheduling and receiving. Find the latest information about business partners and their products. Leverage the embedded analytical tools to assess exchanges with suppliers, all in an effort to meet the main objectives of your purchasing department. Key objectives such as quality assurance, compliance with delivery dates, and purchase cost.

Sage X3’s truly integrated purchasing management solution automatically connects into the accounting system creating controls through preliminary and firm commitments and throughout the purchase cycle.. This provides effective budget control from purchase requests to the issue of purchase orders. Ensuring actual data is integrated automatically through management of invoices receivable and definitive invoices.
Purchasing Management is one component of the broader distribution functionality within Sage X3. Additional components include Sales Management, as well as Inventory and Warehouse Management.

Sage X3 key functionality includes:

  • Supplier and Category Management
  • Pricing and Discounts
  • Purchase Delivery and Scheduling
  • Request for Proposal
  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Multi-Level Signature Management
  • Subcontracting
  • Bid Management
  • Encumbrance Accounting

pdf Download Purchase (Distribution) Spec Sheet

 Optimize operations, improve productivity, and boost customer satisfaction.

Sage X3 supports planning, scheduling and production control activities for either process or discrete manufacturing. Also adapts to different manufacturing modes, including make-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments. It provides provisions for all of your planning, scheduling and production control activities, yet flexible enough to adapt to your diverse manufacturing modes.
For discrete manufacturers, Sage X3 Manufacturing Management offers a choice of production management methods—by job, inventory, or order. It also allows the tracking of stock quantities, a supervisory control function with calculation of forecast and actual costs, a finite capacity production scheduling function, a planning function combined with a production coordination program, calculation of net requirements, and an overall production management function.

When dealing with process manufacturing, the software is designed to support process manufacturers to achieve greater product and process consistency, while improving the ability to satisfy increasing customer demand. Specifically, the advanced planning and control capabilities of Sage X3 Process Manufacturing Management use real-time and historical information to help control inventory levels and costs, optimize product mix, shrink waste, and shorten product development cycles.

The embedded manufacturing management capabilities within Sage X3 addresses the needs of your business out of the box, including:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Formula & Recipes
  • Work & Cost Center Management
  • Routings
  • Forward Backward Scheduling
  • Order Release
  • Replenishment and Inter-Site Transfers
  • Quality Control and Manufacturing Analysis
  • Product Analytical Accounting

pdf Download Manufacturing Spec Sheet

 Incorporate real-time inventory tracking with powerful quality control.

Sage X3 offers fully integrated inventory and warehouse management feature set to ensure a real-time view of your company’s inventory and warehouse assets. Inventory control is entirely user-definable on each site with the application of the multisite, multi-warehouse and multi-location management. The inventory and warehouse management functionality of Sage X3 also incorporates some powerful quality control functions, also allowing for total traceability of inventory quantities in real time, both upstream and downstream, via material flow management.

Sage X3 Inventory and Warehouse Management Key Features include:

  • Comprehensive Product Information
  • Location Management
  • Inventory Balance Snapshots
  • Quality Control and Sampling
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Tracking Stock Movements
  • 7 Inventory Costing Methods
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Bills of Material
  • Inventory Movements and Transactions
  • Stock Inquiries
  • Physical Counting
  • Statistics and Management Reports

pdf Download Inventory and Warehouse Management (Distribution) Spec Sheet

 Experience on-demand analytics enabling rapid decisions making based on real-time data.

The value in your business data is only as good as your ability to access it. With Sage X3 business intelligence continually updates your data to give you real-time visibility across your organization. Powered by leading SAP® Business Objects technology, business intelligence is seamlessly integrated within Sage X3, no detached database maintenance required. This complete data integration, together with Sage X3’s powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence tools, enables smarter decisions across your business.

Sage X3 business intelligence provides your business with user-defined portals for real-time monitoring of the most relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s). Updated dashboards and custom user portals build on the system’s core business intelligence capabilities to deliver actionable, timely, graphical representations of key transactional and statistical data. Enhanced integration with Microsoft® Office allows users to export and manipulate data while ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

Sage Business Intelligence allows you to:

  • Measure business performance on the fly with powerful drag & drop of aggregated data updated in real time
  • Make your data an asset company wide, with powerful analytic tools easily customizable by any user
  • Remove complexities by avoiding compound queries and inappropriate export formats
  • Instant access to up-to-the-minute reports across all areas of the business.
  • Quickly identify anomalies and expedite changes to adapt for current business conditions

pdf Download Business Intelligence Spec Sheet

 For those that are already comfortable with MS Excel

Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting offers a financial reporting and analysis tool for those who are most comfortable within Microsoft® Excel®. Much like the other BI tools this solution provides your business quick and easy access to real-time data required for operations and strategic planning.
Within the comforts of Microsoft Excel, easily create financial reports and analyze data from Sage X3. Your financial staff will see improved productivity; enhance report presentations and a decrease in time in report preparation. With Sage Intelligence – Financial Reporting you can spend more time focusing on data analysis and interpretation, and less time assembling the data together.

pdf Download Financial Reporting Spec Sheet

 Reduce excess inventory, while eliminating stock-outs.

Sage Inventory Advisor a connected service for Inventory and Warehouse Management is a cloud solution that helps companies reduce excess inventory, while eliminating stock-outs. It connects to Sage X3 data to provide real-time health-check on the inventory that makes a difference to your bottom line. Reduces the time spent on forecasts, and resolve the optimal investment required to maintain target fill rates. A cost-effective connected service, Sage Inventory Advisor is easy to use and slashes time and improves accuracy of your inventory forecasts.

  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Reduce inventory investments
  • Improve Inventory forecasts

pdf Download Inventory Advisor Spec Sheet

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